Sunday, April 10, 2011

Team Brian Presents...

There's nothing better than seeing a huge group of people in one spot supporting a cause that is so dear to my heart.

On Friday night Team Brian held our annual fundraiser for the Autism Society of Maine.  Last year's rummage sale brought us a lot of money but it was a lot of time and headaches.  This year I opted for a quicker, easier event and hired a magician to put on a show.  When there were fifteen people standing in the lobby 35 minutes before the event was to start I knew we were in for a good night.

I thought we had been optimistic putting out the amount of chairs we did, but ten minutes prior to the show we had to put out another thirty chairs (or more).  All the chairs were taken and there was a huge amount of kids sitting on the floor in front of the stage.    Our baked goods were gone before we knew it.

As I stood in front of the crowd to thank everyone for coming and to fill them in on just how prevalent autism was my eyes welled up with tears.  To see the room full with family, friends, and people I had never met made me feel so supported and surrounded with love.

I'd love to add photos of the packed room, but being as it was mostly kids I'm not really sure on the whole legalities of that.  However, I do have this very cute video of Corbin helping Rick perform the last trick of the night.

A little bummed- I used a program to rotate the video and when it rotated it it lost the quality and now the voices don't sync up with the picture- but you get the idea, hopefully!  


bbsmum said...

Well done with your fundraiser! Corbin, you're a star (but you knew that already, right?)

Christina said...

That is so wonderful Heather!! Fantastic that you have such awesome support!!!!!