Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Want More.

Last week was Josh's birthday.  To celebrate the boys and I blew up thirty balloons and set up a trap over the door so when Josh came home from work they would all fall down on him.  It was a genius idea.

Yesterday I decided to start finding those balloons, which were still inflated but all over the house, and pop them one by one.  I tried to do it in secret thinking Brian would hate me for doing it.

Of course you can't do anything in this house secretly.  Just like this afternoon when I whispered to Corbin asking him if he wanted a lollipop and Brian ran down from upstairs saying "lollipop?".

Brian usually has a great affinity for balloons.
As evidenced in an older post, Sheer Bliss.
Brian came to investigate after about the third balloon.  I paused, caught red-handed with my kitchen scissors in one hand and the remains of a blue balloon in the other.  I waited for the scream of "Noooooooo".  Instead, he climbed under the kitchen table where he found two more balloons and handed them to me.  He then proceeded to gasp with surprise at each pop accompanied with a silly laugh after.

I thought we had rounded up all of the balloons and I went back to the never-ending pile of dishes when Brian bounded in the room with three more balloons.  He looked at me with a smile and said, "I.  Wah.  Mo.  Sizza." ("I want more scissors.")  Each word it's own sentence as he struggles so hard to retrieve the words he needs to say.

Of course I obliged.  It's hard to say "No" to him when he uses his words.

Though this morning at 9:45 he tried the line "I. Wah. Mo. Sosa." ("I want more soda.")  Sorry buddy, I guess I do have the ability to say "No" to you.


Apples and Autobots said...

You're a stronger woman than I am! Maybe my kids are just spoiled brats? LOL

autismarmymom said...

Yeah, soda at 9:45 could set you up for a long day.