Thursday, April 21, 2011

Karma Baby

I think I deserve a whole heaping helping of karma (good karma,that is).  I think most parents deserve it, honestly.

I finally got mine this past week.

Remember when I was whining last week?  I promised to counteract it with a positive post.  Then Brian went and said "I yuv you" to me so that post immediately took away the negative I had previously posted.

Still, I'm so happy with how my life has been turning around lately that I just need to shout it from the rooftops.

  • I won two giveaways this week!  One from Amanda- the Loving Lampposts documentary!  I can not wait to watch this!!  The other was from Soft! and SPDBN- a huge box full of goodies including Soft! clothing, a vestibular wedge for Brian's seat, a body sock, a book on tactile defensiveness, a bubble machine, and more!  I need to go buy a freaking lottery ticket with this sort of luck!
  • I received two invitations to two separate events- one to be honored for my leadership in school and another to be honored for my academic achievements at school.
  • I got my dream job as an OTA.  Yup, before I even graduate.  It's THE job that pushed me to go back to school and now having it offered to me is like a dream come true.  Not only is it the population I want to work with, but I love the ladies who own the clinic.  I love the flexibility they are going to give me and I absolutely am crazy about the amount of continuing education they are offering to me.  
  • During those god-awful parent-teacher conferences that inspired the above-mentioned pity party, I also got really great reviews on my youngest.  His teachers are all amazed at how different this year is compared to last.  I even got to see adorable pictures of him "reading" a book to a peer.  Amazing to think that out of the two conferences it would be Brian's that left me feeling happy.
  • I finally found Daiya cheese right here- instead of traveling an hour and a half away to get it!!  I can't believe how excited I was to see pea-based cheese substitute in our local food co-op!
  • I graduate ONE MONTH from today!  Hallelujah!  
Holy exclamation point overload.  Sorry about that.


Kathy Kresin said...

I am so happy to hear all your good news, but still like the "I love you" best. I've tagged you in a meme

Lizbeth said...

OMG, Yay you!!!!

Karen V. said...

This is exciting! The job, the great school reviews and picture of him reading to a peer? Congrats to you, Heather! Love it! :)

autismarmymom said...

OK, I'm reading the good stuff before the bad. Congratulations on the job...that is soooo awesome!!!!