Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog Gems: Parenting

It's Blog Gems time again!  The time seems to be flying by.  This "fortnight" prompt is "parenting".  My whole blog is about parenting in some way or another but I found this one I wrote when I was furious over what someone had said to me.  I wanted to point out how hard (and how rewarding) parenting a special needs child was.  Sometimes I don't think I don't get the credit I deserve and on this particular day I was putting it all out there.

After you read my spectacular Blog Gem that I chose for you, make sure to check out the King and Eye and see all the others who have linked up this week!

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Steph said...

I 'got' all of this post, and I think it's inspired me to write one about how I'm really feeling in the future - i.e. how tough it is when your 4 year old won't stop screaming for a dummy even though she gave them up 4 months ago and there are none in the house... cue a very big headache. Anyhow for now I'll find a different blog post to link back to - over from Blog Gems btw!