Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Okay so Brian isn't anywhere near phonetic reading, but he's getting good with his sight words.  He also realizes to look at the pictures for help with words like "R is for bunnies" or "R is for chicken".  Almost buddy.  No matter what I'm extremely proud of him and he's proud of himself.  Enjoy!

Also notice how he is starting to get the letter names and the sounds the letters make mixed up.  Any one have any insight on how to help him differentiate the two?

And yes, he's lying on our kitchen table.  We acquired a new table a few weeks ago and he for some reason has adopted it as his new favorite hang-out place.


Lizbeth said...

What a cutie!! I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions. We're still working on the "R" too.

Karlatrx said...

Aw! What a cutie. Give him another high five from me. : )