Thursday, April 7, 2011

Asthma and Pirates

So I made a little promise to myself that I was going to blog every day in April for Autism Awareness Month but here it is, the seventh, and I've already missed a day.  I'm not good at commitment.

Why did I miss yesterday?

I was told Brian had asthma and we need to start him on inhaler treatments.  Great, just keep adding diagnoses to the list, like we don't have enough to handle everyday.  I should stop hogging all this great fun and spread it on to other families, anyone want some?

On top of that we went to a hockey game because they were holding an Autism Awareness Night.  I'm tired, so I'm not going into details but Brian did quite well, there was a quiet room provided which was a lifesaver, the players wore awesome jerseys and shin guards, and our families name was put on the big screen when they thanked certain people in the crowd (I guess because I bought a bunch of tickets at once?  Or because they knew we had a family member with autism?  I don't even really know- but it was cool).  Oh and I learned that Corbin is a natural-born heckler.

Corbin giving the Monarchs (the opposing team) the thumbs down

I really wasn't taking a picture of his butt- just trying to get a good shot of the puzzle pieces on his jersey.

Is he ever gonna grow an adult tooth in that spot?

Corbin really got into the game!

Brian being hypnotized by the lights.

Caught this in the ten minutes of the game that Brian actually watched, cheered, and pumped his fists.

Posing with the ASM race car in the lobby.

Making the quiet room not so quiet.

I don't know the mascots name, but we still got a picture.

Doesn't that look like a mean Pirate face?

FIGHT!!!  Be honest, it's the best part of the game.

Corbin showing his mad skills.


Lizbeth said...

My kiddo's hooked up to the nebulizer as I type. He' has asthma as well along with everything else. It does get easier though. Once treatments started he wes breathing so much easier!

bbsmum said...

Lovely photos! hope the asthma treatment helps.