Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pirates Don't Have Tactile Defensiveness!

Me:"Brian, are you a pirate?"  
Brian: "Imma pie!!"

Brian has been wearing this pirate patch for three hours and still going strong.  No joke.  

From the kid who goes at his clothes with scissors (instead of asking for help and then giving his mother an anxiety attack when she sees him reaching behind his back to cut out a tag), has probably fifteen fights a day with his socks, and has been wearing the same Thomas pajamas for about a week now (okay he does put on appropriate clothes to go out but as soon as we step in the door he's changing back to the pjs).  

I would think that elastic band around his head would be way more irritating than any of those other things.

However, anytime I think I have something figured out with him he just proves me wrong.


Lizbeth said...

Just goes to show right when you think you have them figured out, they change! He's adorable by the way.

AmyLynn said...


or more appropriately


so cute

that is all

Jen Troester said...

When THEY make choices it always seems to be OK..ha. Katie would be naked almost all the time, and socks...oh those are the bane of her existence. BUT, she can wear the scratchiest of costumes if she so chooses. It's funny.

autismarmymom said...

Oh God I could never wear a pirate patch for more than 30 seconds. That is really fascinating. He's just a slave to the pirate fashion.

Karen V. said...

Wow, that is weird! Guess, he just enjoyed being a pirate! Adorable!