Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Little Buddha

Have you ever tried to meditate?

It's effin' hard.  No doubt about it.

I can't get my brain to shut off.  It goes on and on and on just like that annoying Energizer bunny.

But I have been successful a few times....and it's amazing.  It's this natural high and every particle inside of you just swells with this happy feeling.  It's a brief moment of enlightenment.  It's really out of this world.

I'm not trying to get all new age on you.  However, this morning I experienced that feeling.  I wasn't meditating (or trying)...I was just standing in the kitchen marveling over how much language my son has.  And this overwhelming feeling just washed over me like a wave.

Brian probably would still test at about a two-year level, maybe even a bit lower, with language skills...but to compare my child now to my child 8 months ago is just so unbelievable it blows my mind.

It wasn't even a huge sentence.  It was just our morning routine and him being able to tell me how many slices of bread he wanted.  Him being able to tell me he wanted jelly and when I told him where it was he was able to get it himself.  Him laughing and smiling with me.  Me sitting next to him at breakfast and feeling like I could communicate with him.

Some people may not get it.  They may not get why a six (almost seven) year old being able to say "Jelly" when I ask him what he wants on his toast is a big deal.  It's too bad for them that they will never experience this level of gratitude for the simple things in life.

I'm serious.  It's a feeling that rivals that enlightenment feeling that so many people strive and work hard for.

Maybe I should start referring to Brian as my "little Buddha".


Kelly Hafer said...

That's just awesome. What a successful, blissful moment. I am so happy for you, your son and your whole doggone family! There are times when Ted or AJ will say something so wonderful cognizent, so unique yet floors me. I am imagining this is how you feel. It's a GREAT feeling.

this side of typical said...

that's awesomesauce! My Old Man and i were marvelling at our boy the other night along the same lines. A year ago all he could do was label things. Now we're starting to have actual back and forth conversations. It's such an awesome feeling to KNOW they are growing!

bbsmum said...


C... said...

Those are great moments. So happy for you.

Karen V. said...

I so get this. Brian seems to be making tons of progress lately from what you post! And btw, that he eats toast and jelly? That's pretty awesome stuff too - my kid? Pop tarts and donuts. Someday...