Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat- definitely all treats this year!

Trick or Treating was a huge success!! It was the first year Brian was really into it! In past years he'd be done at the first house- he got his candy, he wanted it then & there, and he wasn't doing anymore until he got his way. Not only that but he has never been fully comfortable in his costume, never wanted to walk- always wanted to be carried, and was overall just sketchy about the whole idea of all kinds of kids in costumes being too close to him on the busy streets.

Well last night was so different! First of all, he LOVED his costume. The first day we got it he tried it on and was so mad when we had to put it away. He would never wear the headpiece around the house or for Layla's birthday party- but he even did that last night! Wore it all night long! He even kept his glow-stick necklace on- after five attempts of trying to lose it, he just forgot about it. He diligently followed Corbin & Jacob to every house, definitely a little bit slower, but never giving up! He even said Trick or Treat at the houses!! "Tra uh tra"!! He said thank you when prompted, he laughed, and he never once cried when I told him his first choice of candy was something he couldn't have.

Corbin, of course, had a blast as well! He was darting in and out of houses- I could barely keep an eye on him- he should of been the Flash instead of Iron Man ;) He kept forgetting to say "Trick or Treat" when he knocked on the door so his tag line became "Thank you and Trick or Treat" as he was leaving their doorsteps. Overall, a very successful Halloween! Oh and delightfully happy to find when we went through candy this morning that Brian made out pretty well- about half of his candy he could keep in his bowl (we had stuff at home that we added to it too!). Definitely a bigger percentage than I thought!

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Christina said...

Looks like they had a blast! Happy Halloween!