Sunday, November 9, 2008

BIG- I mean HUGE- potty news!

Brian was sitting on the couch with me this morning watching Corbin & I color pictures when he started repeating "bye bye bye bye". I said "Bye bye? Where are you going silly boy? Are you going bye bye?". He said "Yah" and started running upstairs. I said "Oh do you mean you have to go potty?" (very nonchalantly said) and he said "yah" while still running up the stairs. I tiptoed behind him because I didn't want to interrupt what I was hoping was going to be a completely independent bathroom trip and watched around the corner- him lift the seat, pull down his pajamas, pee, flush, pull pants up and run back downstairs! Yes he forgot to wash his hands lol. This is HUGE! Just huge!! We've been potty-training for over a year and only one other time has he initiated and gone by himself, which was last week. Maybe we are on to something here- please oh please! I'm keeping my fingers crossed & upping the reinforcements for such trips!


Michelle said...

WTG BRIAN!!!!!!!! I hope it continues!!!!

Christina said...

Yay Brian!!! That IS HUGE! WTG!