Wednesday, November 5, 2008

game night

We love game nights- this was the first night we played Jenga! Corbin LOVED it- Brian wasn't really into it- well besides wanting to knock down the tower lol!

The tower was quite impressive near the end of the game. I lost, by the way. It's no fun being the only female in the house- Corbin & Josh kept scheming on how to leave me the hardest pieces.

Brian had fun after the official game, setting up the pieces like dominos to see if he could get them to turn on the DVD player. Always thinking, that one.


Christina said...

We love that game too! And I think it is COOL that Brian was trying to turn on that DVD player that way - he's gonna be an engineer!

Michelle said...

I haven't played that game in forever!!! That is so funny that Brian was trying to turn on the dvd player w/ them, typical man, trying to find an alternative incase he loses the romote huh!?!?! lol