Friday, November 7, 2008

six years

How have six years gone by so quickly? sometimes it seems like a blur yet at the same time I can look back and I can freeze time and I can remember that first time you stuck your tongue out and you had that twinkle in your eye like you were the funniest baby ever born. I can remember you being taken out of my arms while I cried hysterically for your surgery at six weeks old. I can remember the way you smiled and tried to take your baby brother out of my arms at the hospital when Brian was born. I can remember the first time you did a sign- you were watching a movie and at the end of it you signed "all done" independently and puckered your lips for a kiss while I hugged you so tight for learning a sign. I can remember you hiding in the kitchen cupboards and popping out to try to scare Brian & me. I remember when you got your first bike and you would ride it up and down the driveway. I remember so many things and I want to remember them forever baby boy. You have given me so many great memories and I know so many more are to come. Happy Birthday Corbin!

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