Sunday, November 23, 2008

Adults with Autism

I know as Brian's parent I believe I block out thinking about what is going to happen when he is an adult with autism. I don't think about it so maybe it won't happen. Honestly, it never crossed my mind perhaps the whole first year of his diagnosis. I remember the day that I first thought about it. I was helping my Dad with his small part-time landscaping business and we were at a beautiful location- a house right on a cliff by the ocean. We were taking a break and just staring out to the horizon when Brian came up as our subject. My Dad asked me if I had started any accounts for Brian for when he was an adult and if I had thought about the choices he would have for living accomadations as an adult. I remember tears instantly formed in my eyes. I hadn't thought about it. At that point I wouldn't allow myself to believe that I couldn't get him out of his world with the biomedical approaches and intensive ABA services I had chosen for him. Sometimes I still don't allow myself that but I do realize that no matter how much I hope, pray, and work for him to lose the diagnosis it just might not happen. And reality will always be there.

What services are out there for adults with autism? Not much, right now, unfortunately. But we're going to need to change that as these 1 in 150 kids become adults- there is going to be an overwhelming need for change!

Age of Autism posted a link to this story, All Grown Up, this morning- please take the time to read it!

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