Monday, November 3, 2008

Parents on the Diet

I'm curious as to how many parents of children with ASD have similar digestive and immunity problems as their child? I've always been quite healthy and have kind of prided myself on my immune system as I work in a preschool and tend to be the least sick of everyone in my household. But I do have some digestive problems. And I'm thinking it might be because I'm not following the GFCF diet. When Brian first started the diet we all went on it and I actually felt really good while on it but temptation took over and I started to cheat- a little more, a little more, a little more, until it was a LOT more. When Josh moved in it really went out the window as he wasn't on the diet and I slowly became accustomed to cooking two different meals- well not completely different, but for an example, a pot of rice pasta and a pot of wheat pasta. I feel like this has slowly caught up to me because it wasn't like I noticed it at first, I just am now. I have been having BM problems like two to four times a month (sorry if TMI!)- which I don't find normal and my energy level is just ZILCH- I can NOT get enough sleep! I have always been a morning person and the past six months or so I can not drag myself out of bed- EVERY morning! It's so much easier to implement a diet for someone you want to see change and talk and be happy and fit in with his peers, someone you love more than you love yourself. It's so hard for me to stick to it with all the yummy temptations.

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Michelle said...

Yeah we're barely doing the diet...For dinners, for the most part we'll be doing them, because I want us all eating the same...but like you said, w/ some things I'll make 2 of, 1 pot of rice pasta 1 of wheat...honestly only because of the financial issue. My loaf of bread cost under $1...his is $5...a package of cheese for us is like $2, his is $ also but his only has 8 slices!!! So for things like that, no we don't do GF/CF...

Oh btw, I made the sweat and sour chicken tonight. It was good, I followed the recipe, I'd say you only need 3 carrots not 6, after cutting up 4 I decided that looked like plenty...then when it was all said and done I think it had too many. Rob wants to get some regular sweat and sour sauce from the store...the sauce was pretty thin, although very tasty he'd prefer that thick red next time i'll have some of that for him, although I'm sure Isaiah won't be able to have that'll be just for Rob lol.