Thursday, May 12, 2011

Special Olympics

This was our first ever Special Olympics event and it was a blast.

It wasn't without it's hitches, but overall it was a wonderful day.

Him and his team all looked so adorable in their little wind suits.  

Can't tell which one is mine?  He's the one giving the crowd the middle finger.

He competed in all three events that he signed up for. He seemed to like all of the events....except for maybe the standing long jump.  Though I'm not sure if it was the event he was crying about or the fact he had to *gasp* wait his turn and/or that he had to do it three times (repetition is great when it's on his terms).

His ed tech was all ready to run the 50m dash with him but he took off and did it independently.  He actually even took his thumb out of his mouth for the 50m dash.  Josh and I stood at the finish line with popcorn and his Woody doll.  Yet when he crossed the line he just went over to a stranger and gave them high five.  

 Brian's regular-ed class skipped classes to come over to cheer him on.  He certainly has quite the growing fan base.

I really value the idea of Special Olympics and how cool and important it was for Brian to have a day that his skills (whatever they may be) were celebrated.  We'll definitely stay a part of this organization so there will be many more proud and funny posts regarding our foray into athletics with Brian.

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Lizbeth said...

I love how you're at the finish line and he blows right by you to give someone else a high five, gold. Sounds like something mine would do.