Monday, May 2, 2011

Future Tycoon

I know I often brag about how wonderful, generous, empathetic, sensitive, honest, etc., etc. my older son, Corbin is.

Most of it is true.

But lately his businessman (step-on-anyone-to-get-what-I-need) ways have been coming out.

First it started with him asking me why I helped an elderly woman in the grocery store parking lot find her car.  Sure, he might have had a point because if she was so confused that she couldn't find her car (which ended up being right where we started) there may have been a possibility she shouldn't have been driving.  I told Corbin I helped her because it was the right thing to do and it makes me feel good to help others.  He replied, "Yeah me too, if I get paid."

Over vacation he started to write a story- I wanted to work with him on handwriting so I encouraged him to write a story about catching the Loch Ness monster (his newest obsession).  He told me he wanted to sell copies of the book and he was so ecstatic when a few friends and family members said they would purchase a copy when it was done.  When a friend asked if she could have hers autographed he said, "Yeah, for another dollar."

Then to top it all off, tonight he asked if he could make up a story to tell me at bedtime.  It went something like this:

"One day I was going for a walk when oh my goodness I saw a pile of ones on the road.  I picked them up and yelled out "Whose money is this??".  No one answered.  I thought, "Okay it's my birthday, I guess I can keep this money".  I walked further up the street and there was a pile of fives!  I yelled, "Yoohoo!! Anybody out there?"  No one answered, I thought it was my lucky day!!  I looked up the street and there was a stack of tens!  Again I yelled but no one was around.  And you won't believe this- there was a pile of hundreds!  Hundreds, Mom, can you believe it???  I suddenly had to go to the bathroom and I stopped at a store where there was a bathroom and opened the door and SURPRISE!!!! My family was in there and said, "Happy Birthday!  All that money is for you!!"  And we had cake and ice cream.  The end."

Complete surprise ending, huh?  Celebrating a birthday in a public restroom.  Love it.

I use to hope Corbin would stay on his chosen career path of being a scientist, but I think he's gonna be happy being a businessman with his shrewd sense of business and obvious love for money.


Kelly said...

Gack! What is it about little boys and bathrooms?! So gross!

But, hey...good luck with your Mini-Trump, lol!

Christina said...

LMAO That is hilarious! What do you say to him when he makes those comments? Aurora isn't all about morning, but she is quite selfish at times and I usually end up snapping at her about thinking only about herself.

Karen V. said...

I too, LMAO!! Corbin's not only destined to be a tycoon but he will probably do it by becoming a best selling author turned tycoon with extra autograph sales!! (how can you go wrong with a story that ends in the bathroom?) ;)

Lizbeth said...

That was funny! Does he like to smell the money though?? Cause if he does I'm afraid your fate is sealed. ;)

autismarmymom said...

Well it's late here so I'm gonna go to sleep and have that very same dream.

Jen Troester said...

Ok, well that was pretty hilarious...haha. He will be a very shrewd businessman...AND then support you in your old age! BONUS!

Heather said...

Hells yeah...I fully expect to be taken care of when he's older ;)

Heather said...

lol I have not noticed that- the other day we were int eh dollar store getting bday supplies and i told him he could pick something out and he picked a package of play money and was VERY excited about it

Heather said...

It does bother me Christina, I won't lie! I can joke about it here but it does push my buttons. Especially when he made that line about how i should've been paid to help that woman in the parking lot- I was like, seriously? Have I not taught you better than that? I think Corbin has a great sense of empathy really but I also know his dad is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY- and he hears it ALL THE TIME when he is there on the weekends, so I can't fault him for picking up on what is in his environment (and I know I don't always keep my own money troubles to myself which prob. don't help)