Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kite-Flying Fun!

I had the brilliant idea of having a kite-flying party for Brian's seventh birthday.  Seriously, I take party planning pretty seriously- ask my family- they hate me for it.  I get all stressed out about stupid little details.

This was the first time we invited classmates.  First time ever.  I was so stressed out about that as well- because no one RSVPed (such a thing of the past, I guess).  Not that Brian would've noticed if no classmates showed up, but I would've.  However, in the end, we did have classmates show up.  Phew, I didn't have to send out any hate mail ;).

I made a cute cake with a kite-flying scene on it.  It was gluten, casein, and soy-free.  But not sugar and food dye free.  And my little boy sat on the toilet about five times that evening.  Was it worth it?  I'm not sure.  He sure lit up to see that cake and he loved every single bite of it.

The kites were a great idea.  No, Brian doesn't like to fly kites.  He likes to watch them.  His classmates and cousins enjoyed flying kites (and adults too).  It turned out to be VERY windy that day and we had a lot of exciting, nose-diving kite- moments.  

Brian still hates the Happy Birthday song for some reason.  He seemed to hate it even more so this year than last.

Brian's big present from us was a new bike.  He was very excited!

Overall it was a wonderful seventh birthday for my little man.  I saw a lot of smiles and that's all that really counts.  I can not believe it's been seven years.  Happy Birthday Brian!


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