Wednesday, May 18, 2011

March to Your Own Beat.

Some things just aren't worth fighting.

Like this day for instant.

It was time to go to Corbin's baseball game.  Though Brian had been properly dressed for school, as soon as he had come home he had put on these Red Sox pajama pants- not only are they about two inches too short for him but he also had them on backwards.  He was wearing blue-striped socks and a Merry Madagascar pajama top (which was thankfully hidden under his coat).

I don't really care that he wants to wear pajamas, backwards or in the right direction.  If it makes him happy and comfortable I'm just gonna go with it until I can afford to buy him an entire wardrobe from soft!

Those Buzz Lightyear shoes he's wearing, do you remember those (if not, click there!)?  He asked for them, using his words, and he has worn them every. single. day. since he got them.  The result?  They now have a hole in the bottom of them.  Am I throwing them away?  Nope.

I think it might be because I'm kind of a slacker, but I just don't feel like fighting with him to put on a new pair of shoes.  He owns five other pairs of shoes- some of them have never been worn, two of them have been worn on special occasions.  He hates them.  I can't force him to wear them.  Would you like to be forced to wear shoes that you don't want to wear?  That's my argument anyway, when I get reprimanded by my ex for not supplying him with adequate footwear (yes, I acknowledge that shoes with holes in the bottom aren't exactly the best footwear for my children).

So to make him happy, make me happy, and make Brian happy....I'm off to do some internet shopping for identical shoes.  Wish me luck!


Kathy Kresin said...

I think the outfit look terrific! 

Accidentalexpert said...

There was a time when my son would only wear one pair of shoes.  When he grew out of them, we had to buy the same exact pair and swap them out quietly.  This went on for about 3 pairs until they finally discontinued the design.  I agree, it's just not worth fighting.

Christina said...

I don't blame you in the least!  Did you find another pair?  If not, email me the details and I'll look.  I'm pretty good and finding things online! 

Heather said...

 Thanks for the offer Christina- I'm happy to say he settled on some cool Lightning McQueen shoes at Payless and he has been wearing them ever since!  The transition wasn't as hard as I expected (he did start crying when we pulled into the parking lot and cried through three different pairs until we found the Cars ones lol)

Rachel said...

I completely agree with choosing your battles - especially when the reward is such a great motivation! :)