Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do You Know What Time It Is?

Peanut butter jelly time?

Nope, unfortunately.

It's IEP time.

Again.  Already.

Brian's IEP is this afternoon.  For some reason I am feeling totally unprepared.  I kept digging trying to figure out why this year seemed so different than other years.  I've been doing this IEP thing for six years now between him and his brother (though of course in the beginning stages they are called IFSP here in Maine- or is that a global name?).

Corbin's is Thursday and I feel super prepared for his.  I'm gonna go in there and take some names and demand all kinds of things.

Then I realized that was it.  Brian has had such a great year compared to all the other years.  I think this might be his most improved year yet.  I'm not use to going to an IEP meeting and not having a list of things I want changed.  I guess I feel more confident going in there with things I want changed than not having that list!

Not to say I don't have major concerns.  First grade is much more different than kindergarten.  I know we will be making a lot of changes, including a lot more time in the resource room getting the academic work in there.  There won't be all that great free play or quiet time like they get in kindergarten.

Hopefully it will all work out okay.

I'd much rather just be wasting my brain cells watching this...


Barefootbooknook said...

Good luck today, Heather! Trust your instincts. If changes need to be made to services, you'll know in the moment I bet. 

Lizbeth said...

Good luck this afternoon.  I have to tell you, that IEP alert graph had me in stitches!

Caseylk said...

I hope it went well. I hate IEP meetings, they always cause me sooo much anxiety.


Jen Troester said...

I want to hang that IEP alert thing at my house...ha. 1st grade has definitely been tough, but Kindergarten wasn't a breeze for us, either. They were both not good, but in different ways. It's kinda hard for me to think about b/c we have a lot of schooling left and I can't imagine going through this every.single.year. It makes me too sad, especially as K's peers move on, socially/emotionally, without her. We have another IEP coming up, too (I swear we meet monthly b/c I am never satisfied), but I am looking forward to a couple months where I can kinda sorta let it go, and gear up for September.

Heather said...

When I was in there before the meeting the speech therapist said why are we meeting again- didn't we just do his annual?  I said nope we just did a meeting that I called and this also isn't his annual- it's to basically talk about ESY.  

I think on average I do about four a year for Brian and three a year for Corbin- DRAINING!

Dani0342 said...

I HATED Andrew's IEP's...  they always ended up in the SEVERE level of your graph there. I am so thankful that I don't have to deal with that anymore since we now home school.  Good Luck! I don't envy you at all!  I hope it goes as well for you as it has been going!