Friday, May 27, 2011

A Sign of Real Comfort

After graduation last weekend my family was kind enough to throw me not only one, but two, celebrations.  The second one was organized by my mother and was over an hour away at my Uncle and Aunt’s home.  The boys and I do not get up there enough, even though a vast majority of our family lives in that area, and hadn’t visited there in about 10 months.

As soon as we pulled in Brian jumped out of the van, I swear before I even had it turn off, and ran to the trampoline.  He loves trampolines.  He really was content to play between there, their camper, and my cousin’s playhouse with all of the other kids.  Their piece of land is nice and secluded and I really didn’t need to keep that close of an eye on him with so much family around.

I was enjoying the grown-up company when I saw my Uncle approach my Mom and whisper something to her.  My Mom hurried next to me and leaned into my ear and whispered, “Billy just told me Brian is in the bathroom and he might need some help.”

I’m instantly up and moving as fast I can without making too much of a scene.  All I can picture is walking into their bathroom and seeing crap wiped all over the place or a complete roll of toilet paper clogging up their toilet. 

I go into their house to find one of my distant third or fourth or fifth  cousin standing in the hallway with a bewildered look on his face.  He’s only seven, and Brian makes me look bewildered most of the time, so I knew something was up.

I turned into the bathroom to find Brian…….completely naked.

Turns out he did need to go number 2 and he did it.  I couldn’t find any evidence anywhere in the bathroom.  He just always thinks he needs to get completely naked when he does a bowel movement.  Doesn’t do it when it’s just number 1, but always does with BMs.

The problem was his pants and socks were damp from playing in the wet yard.  Brian will deal with wet clothing, but once it’s off he will in no way put them back on…even if the spot is just a millimeter wide.
Of course, I didn’t pack any extras.  Why would I?  That would mean I actually plan ahead and am prepared.  Thankfully it was a quick fix as my Aunt threw his clothes in the dryer and went through her daughter’s clothes to find something we could use.  I had to turn down the blue sweatpants with “Justice” on the butt in rhinestones, but we found some black leggings with just a little bit of lace on the bottom that we could hide in the socks. 

Thank goodness for family. 

Really out of the whole ordeal, the only thing that stuck with me is the fact that Brian had a bowel movement in a strange bathroom!  That’s a big deal! 

Despite not seeing our extended family that often I guess he feels comfortable there.  I think my Uncle and Aunt should feel privileged that he let loose in their bathroom.  He doesn't bestow that honor in just any old place.


Jen Troester said...

Is it TMI if I tell you that, as a kid, I also had to completely undress to go #2. I don't know why, except I wanted to be "free"...haha. Apparently clothing held me back? And yay for pooping in a strange pot!

Karen V. said...

Hooray Brian!! This is such an adorable and funny post.  I love that you found no evidence of the deed other than the little nudie boy!  Glad you turned down the rhinestone Justice pants.  And I so relate to being unprepared - you are not alone!  

Tessa aka Mama Apples said...

That's a great poop story!