Saturday, November 12, 2011

Again and Again and Again...

Brian was doing his manic thing on my bed, rolling around, hiding under pillows, kicking the blankets around, making lots of repetitive screechy sounds when he stopped, looked at me and said, "You okay?"

We play this game a lot and I replied my usual answer, "I'm okay.  Are you okay?"

He laughs and goes back to his thing.

Stops and says, "You okay?"

I answer, "I"m okay. Are you okay?"

He giggles and starts rolling and kicking and screeching again.

He stops, "You okay?"

This time I say, "Yup."

He stares at me confused, "You okay?"

I try another answer, "I'm good."

His grin is slowly starting to disappear, "You okay?"

I decide to push it a bit further, "I'm fine, thanks."

He goes to very serious mode as he reiterates, "You okay?"

Sigh. "I'm okay.  Are you okay?"

Instant facial expression change from serious to silly, manic-giggling boy.

Ten seconds later...."You okay?"

And so goes the life of repetition.


Tessa said...

I seriously get this....I seriously get this....I seriously get this...You okay?  LOL

Kelly Hafer said...

Oh yeah. We have so many scripts that Ted does. It's almost like he is just on autopilot. He doesn't listen (actually, I bet he hears more than I can imagine.), just auto-repeats. Some days it is like one very loooong script repeating over and over again.

"Watch out for that first step. It's a doozey!"

Heather St. Clair said...

Hehehe, I want Brian to say  that script.  I was thinking this morning that I guess I should celebrate that he wants me to script with him, right?