Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vindication & Sadness

The district's psychologist called me this afternoon to discuss what he was going to say at our upcoming IEP meeting.

He cut right to the chase and said Brian's entire program needs to be rebuilt. 

He started to spout off a bunch of different things and then he paused and asked "Well what do you think of his program? "

I also paused wondering just how blunt I should be.  Then I said it.

"I often feel I'm just sending my child to a daycare all day long. "

It was a conversation marked with pauses as he took another minute. I started to think I had been too rash and had maybe lost one of my allies.

"I actually wrote the word 'daycare' during one of my observations," he said.

He then said, "Brian deserves an education just as much as all of the other students in that school and I don't see that happening."

Two feelings washed over me: vindication and sadness. I felt vindicated because here was a professional the school hired that agreed with everything I've been saying. Sadness because everything I had been saying and assuming was true.


Jen Troester said...

This happened to us when we had the district psych evaluate K. I, of course, didn't trust him AT ALL, since he worked for the enemy, but his findings were worse than even I expected, and I think the rest of the team was pretty shocked at some of things "one of their own" said. He has been our biggest ally. I really think it's b/c he has his own practice and doesn't rely on the school to make a living, so he can be more honest than the others, who fear losing their job. Hopefully they can get a good program going now. 

Christina said...

I'm really glad that you have an outside consultant looking at this for you.  I can understand your feelings...I hope he helps get everyone on track so Brian can get what he needs!

Karla T said...

I'm glad you finally got someone to acknowledge the problem and hopefully now change can happen.

Lana Rush said...

I know that's probably not what you wanted to hear - having your suspicions confirmed rarely is.  But I hope now that it's been brought to light, a plan to start moving forward can be put into place.  One that you're happy with and that means some good progress for your son.