Monday, November 14, 2011

Overdid the Therapy.

Corbin: "Mom when did I start speech therapy?"

Me: "A little before you were two."

Corbin: "Wow, you knew that I couldn't pronounce my Rs way back then."

Me: "No Corbin at that point you weren't talking at all.  Not a single word.  You had speech therapy so you would start talking."

Corbin: "I think you overdid the therapy Mom, now I can't stop talking!"

Ain't that the truth.
The Next Zoolander.


Karla T said...

He's a funny guy!

Christina said...

Hahaha  It's good that he knows that!

Kelly Hafer said...

Aww! God, what a peanut! :)

Lana Rush said...

Cute, cute, cute!  I am holding out for the day when my little nonverbal girlie talks too much!

MarsupialMama said...

Hoo boy, that made me laugh!!  That's adorable!!  I can't wait/hope we get to that stage!!

Heather St. Clair said...

It's funny because I have said in the past I can not believe how stressed and worried and the energy I spent into getting that kid to talk...and now I just wish for a moment of silence ;)

In all seriousness though I"m still there with you with Brian of course.  I hope that I can crack jokes like that about him in our future :)

Heather St. Clair said...

Prayers for you and her- we're still waiting for that moment with Brian as well!