Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Making Our Way: Autism

Brian is famous.

For many reasons, in my mind.

But really he was on TV the other night.

In a documentary about autism.

Yes, it was mostly about another Maine family and about first responder training....but there was some clips from the last walk we participated in.

There's me, introducing Brian, and then I prompt him to say hi and he does.

Such a tiny moment but gosh, that kid is cute.

I'm not biased or anything.

We're right around the 53 minute mark...you know, if you're interested.


Karen V. said...

I got sucked right in to watching the whole video!  Thanks for the link and yes, Brian is now, officially famous!  Great way to end the show with both of you!  :)

Jim W. said...

I apparently did it wrong.  The video is 20 minutes long.  I. . . um. . . can't GET to the 53 minute mark.

Accidental Expert said...

That is so cool!

Christina said...

That is so neat!  He is adorable and you look great!  I really enjoyed the whole show.