Saturday, November 5, 2011

Does the diet really work?

I get this question a lot.

At first I took it with stride. And really even still I'm usually excited to share our successes.

But when it's asked with that incredulous tone and that mocking look, sometimes I just wanna answer with something like this...

"No, I just love spending seven dollars on four bagels."

"I just do it because it's fun to limit our restaurant choices when we want a family night out. "

"No, I just like to devise another way to make Brian feel different."

OMG! Daiya is on sale for $4.99!  That's right! 8 oz of fake cheese could be yours for that steal!

Okay.  End of snarkiness.

1 comment:

Dani G said...

not sure why I'm just seeing this now, but I am. I love that cheese. It melts so well. I mean, it says so right on the package: melts and stretches :)
Little Bird really likes it- that's the true test. 

Yes. The diet really works. Period.