Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 Things I Actually Retained

Today I completed nine hours of work, attended three parent/teacher conferences, had a 1/2 hour phone appointment with the school's psychologist, and spent an hour at the doctors office with the boys.

So I'm going to word-vomit here and see what I actually did retain from today.

1. Corbin rocks at math.  Corbin's teacher flat-out said he was the best in the class at math.  The psychologist said Corbin just talked and talked and talked about how much he loves math.  Corbin exclaims, "I want to be just like Mom and travel all over the country and win math trophies."

2. Corbin struggles with absolutely every other subject in school.  When asked by the psychologist what he would rate school on a scale of 1 to 10 if there was no math he says he'd give it a measly "3".  This worries me to no end.

3.  Corbin's special education teacher says Corbin isn't spelling words because he is rushing.  I'm not saying that he doesn't rush through things but three words for all of you teachers at his school: AUDITORY PROCESSING DISORDER.

4. I'm on a mission to decide what is the best possible math curriculum for a non-verbal autistic child.  Input would be appreciated.

5.  Doctor appointment for Corbin because I thought he had a urinary tract infection.  Turns out he's probably constipated (oh the things my kids are going to hate me for posting when they are older).  However, we end up staying at the doctor's office for 45 more minutes discussing Brian.

6.  Tomorrow I get to bring Brian in for a chest X-ray.  Doctors are all still on the fence with this asthma thing even though we did get that diagnosis at one point.  X-Rays are always a blast.  Rolling my eyes.

7.  Our wonderful pediatrician is getting us hooked up with a developmental pediatrician and putting in a call to the school to see if they will consult with a certain ABA specialist that we just adore and have been pushing for him to consult with our school for years now.

8.  Corbin has a high IQ, not new news.  Yet some subtests are as low as the 2% while others are in the 95%,  Again, not new news.  But like every time I hear it I get so frustrated with figuring out how to help him learn and achieve that potential I know he has.

9.  Brian's IQ scores come out pitiful.  Not new news.  The new news this time?  This psychologist actually AGREES that there are no IQ tests out there that can really capture a functionally non-verbal child's capabilities.  Instead of concentrating on scores he's researching programs that he thinks will work for Brian's style of learning and going to be pushing for them to be used at the school (think lots of electronic modalities).

10. Right in the middle of Brian's parent/teacher conference he plopped himself in front of me and said "BOO!" and waited for me to act scared.  He then did it to Corbin and to his teacher.  Too cute!!


Franzpiefke said...

bless your heart !

Tessa said...

Goodness!  That's a lot for you to take in.   I know you'll get them what they need.  Just don't forget to breathe!

Lizbethcole29 said...

I would have been fried at lunchtime!!!  We struggle with almost the same thing here with the rushing.  I have to remind teachers that there is an executive processing deficit and sometimes he really doesn't know an answer even though he is super smart.   He can't see the forest through the trees kind of thing.  So he know how to spell but has already forgotten the word....sigh.  

Accidental Expert said...

Wow...pretty impressive with the info you were able to retain.  I'm not sure I'd be able to remember my name.  I really hate IQ can never reflect the unique brilliance our kids have.