Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wasn't All Bad.

So on top of our trip to Funtown Splashtown, we also went camping.  I know.  I shouldn't even complain about any tantrums, right?  I just threw every single routine we had out of the window for three was like I was asking for him to have a meltdown.  And then of course add in that the kid refuses to have a bowel movement away from home.  No wonder by the time we were in Funtown he was miserable.

However, now that I've had a few days to think it over.  I think it was a somewhat successful family weekend.

Low Points:


  • Thought we lost Brian a couple times.  Mix him having an excellent sense of direction and a distaste for communicating and we found him just going to the restrooms by himself without telling anyone on several occasions.
  • The first night we camped out, he woke up at 4 am.  Him and I actually climbed into the minivan and watched movies on the iPad as to not wake up the entire campground.
  • I finally released him from said minivan at 6:20 am....only about five minutes later we had one of our "neighbors" screaming "STOP!!!" from her camper.  He's loud in the morning.
  • We're pretty sure he peed sometime during the night.  Sleeping bag was dry, pajamas were dry, but there was a definite scent of urine.  Still trying to figure that one out.
  • The campground deciding that the outside family-movie was going to be "The Little Fockers."  We thought it was going to be The Last Airbender.  When the movie started Corbin looked at me and said, "Am I suppose to be watching this?"
High Points:

  • The neighbor that we pissed off?  Well her and her boyfriend and friends were up drinking and being loud until midnight or so the night before.  So really that above bullet up there...not even a low point.  I find it HILARIOUS that we woke her up the next morning.
  • Building a fire.  He really got into helping out and he was able to behave really safely around the campfire.
  • Hanging out at the beach on Saturday.  Brian LOVED the waves.  It was a great morning.
  • Sumo-wrestling with Corbin.
  • Sneaking away with my sisters to celebrate my little sister turning 21.  Having such a great Mom that she stayed at the campground with all three of her grandchildren so we could go act as if we didn't have any responsibilities.
  • Smores!!


Jen Troester said...

I used to go to Funtown all the time when I was little. My grandparents had a place up near Saco, at Camp Ellis Beach
(that has no beach anymore, really)...I have taken the kids once up there, too. Where did you camp? K takes off all the time like that. She just thinks she knows where crap is, so why not go? The problem is, she has a good sense of direction THERE, but not so much back...ha.

We went camping in NH in July with friends, and our neighbors complained, LOUDLY, about our kids being up around 6:30. Ah well...I didn't like it either ; )

Heather said...

We went to Wild Acres campground in Old Orchard Beach.  Our first time there but my mom has camped there before. I really liked it- we could walk right to the beach from the campground.  The campground itself had several playgrounds, three pools, and lots of planned activities for the kids.