Thursday, August 25, 2011

Secret Super Powers

I realized something the other day.

I make professionals working with Brian like me.  I don't know if they realize I'm doing it, but I seriously force them to become my best friend.

I'm not sure how I do it, maybe it's my secret super-power.  I always wished I could fly or be invisible, but I could settle for this.

I did it to my boys' SLP and OT.  Hence, why I had a job secured before I even graduated.  Hence, why I got our SLP to collaborate with the school SLP.

I did it to Corbin's first teacher.  Which is why when she knew Brian and I were coming to a classroom event she always made sure to provide allergen-free snacks.

I did it to Brian's first teacher.  It helped that her and her husband had been friends of my father's for a while too.  That was why she met with him several times during the summer prior to his second year.  It's why she came on her own time to his horse show.  It's why she had tears in her eyes when we finished up the year with her last year.

I did it to our special education teacher last year.  We are now seriously best friends.  We hang out all the time, call each other to complain about everything from men to NCLB, and I love her to pieces.

People like me and then Brian gets the services he needs.

Okay, now that I'm done trying to pretend it's me...

It's really this boy I have.  You can't help but love him, squeeze him, kiss those cheeks.  He is so unbelievably charming for a child that doesn't speak.  I have not met a professional that has not fallen in love with him.  Our new special education teacher has already been warned that she won't be able to help but fall in love with him.

He is so lovable.  And it's such a gift for him.

Well maybe he did get it from me (insert winky face).

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Dani G said...

dude, totally! I'm the same way :)
I also think that our kids are so freaking cute and sweet that they all fall in love with them, too!