Thursday, August 18, 2011

Corbinisms: Drama

There is a reason one of Corbin's earliest nicknames was DK (Drama King).

Corbin: "Mom, I've been  noticing something a lot.  Everything is made in China.  Everything I tell you!"

Corbin: "I curse you!!" {Said all the time.  When he realizes only grape popsicles are left.  When it's Brian's turn to pick a movie.  When it's time to brush his teeth.  When he realizes it's been a minute since he said it last.}

Corbin: "I'm pretty much a man now, Mom." {Because when we were out to eat he ordered his own dinner and then asked for a glass of water when he finished his lemonade.}

Corbin: "You did it Mom!  You are now the best OT in the world!  It's like a dream it's so great!  I can't even believe you are my Mom!  You are so awesome Mom!!"  {Yelled, while jumping up and down, after he heard I passed my boards.}


Tania said...

haha I love that! The last one was super cute "It's like a dream it's so great. I can't even believe you are my mom!" What a hoot ;)

Christina said...

At least you have your very own personal cheerleader!!