Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Homonym Confusion

As usual Brian was screaming and crying while getting dressed.

It's the source of most of his tantrums lately: transitioning out of the house.  And that stems from the fact that he needs to change out of his pajamas or underwear, whichever one he has decided to don.

He needed help, but he was refusing to ask, so I was waiting him out.  My own anxiety level climbing, as we had an appointment to make, so I'm sure it was feeding into his escalating crying.

Finally he realized I wasn't backing down and he asked, "Help?".  I started to pull on his shorts to realize they were too small for him.  He started to whimper again as I pulled the shorts off over his feet, because of course now, we were backtracking.

I threw the shorts onto the table and said, "Those are too small.  Can you go get another pair?".

He cried a few more tears and looked at me with a look of confusion.

He walked over to the fruit bowl, grabbed a pear, held it up to me and said "Pear!". He smiled and happily took a bite.

I let him enjoy his pear while I went and got him another pair of shorts.


Christina said...

Awh!  Makes sense to me!

Karlatrx said...

haha!  Funny and it fixed his tantrum. Win!

Tania said...

LOL I love this story. How cute I was laughing out loud as I pictured the scenario. :)