Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Terrible Three Stage at Seven

By now everyone knows that Brian has had a hard couple of days.
Public temper tantrums.

Throwing items when he's mad.

Destroying Corbin's lego city.

Erasing data on Corbin's DSi.

Coloring on walls.

The last big screening Brian had done he came out about an 18 to 24 month old level developmentally.  

My explanation for the new behavior is there has been growth.  I remember Corbin at three.  I remember always saying, "Why the hell is it called Terrible Twos?  Three's are SOOOOO much worse!"  So that's it.....developmentally Brian is now three.  So's that for a positive spin on a hard couple of days with new negative behaviors?  

He never drew on walls like most he is!  Yay!  And look at those ABCs and 123s!!

Hey, just go along with me here...I like this theory and it makes for a happier mom, hence a happier home.


Kelly UnplannedTripToHolland said...

Hey Heather! Girl, I have some Patron that we could use to drown out our sorrows! Actually, and this is so not on topic, I am kinda jealous. Ted does not yet recognize numbers, let alone have the ability to write them. In fact, he keeps losing the ability to hold his crayon the correct way...hasn't picked a dominant hand yet. So,boo hiss on the temper tantrum, but holy cow! YEAH for 123s!!!! Hang in there, Momma!

Heather said...

Honestly, I couldn't even really be super mad when I saw the wall (in Corbin's room of course- he doesn't destroy his own room ) because I am still taken away with him independently forming #s and if we always focus on the negative then we might never be sober!  Have you ever tried that Scribble N Write toy- I think it's from Leapfrog...Brian doesn't usually buy into any learning toys I buy for him, but he really enjoyed it and it seemed like it got him to start wanting to write a little (on his own terms of course)

a49erfangirl said...

Gotta say those letters and numbers look fabulous!

Tania said...

upside is...good letter/number formation and how was his grasp on the writing tool? ;) deep breaths mama nothing a bit of soapy water and wine can't fix (the wine for you to drink not for the wall LOL)

Heather said...

LOL Well I didn't see the grasp (or this wouldn't hae happened) but generally he has quite the dynamic tripod grasp :)  

Karen V. said...

Uh-oh.  T's never written on walls yet either... so this is what I have to look forward to?  ;)  I am impressed with his writing skills though - just like everyone else.  He'll make it past this mom...  Just put the permanent markers out of his reach!