Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How Many Wheels are in a Parade?

Another holiday come and gone.

We celebrated the fourth by attending our local parade.

We were ready with noise-cancelling headphones in hand.

Surprisingly Brian didn't require them once.

In fact if he could speak to me functionally and in sentences I am pretty sure he would've said, "I've said no to the headphones ten times already lady.  Leave me alone!"

I marveled over his growth in being able to handle auditory input and measured the success of the parade in hand flaps.  There were a lot.

Hand Flap #1
Umm hello? Train? Responsible for Hand Flaps 28-97

I then realized hand flaps were in direct correlation to wheels.  And there are an awful lot of wheels in a parade if you've ever noticed.

Happy Fourth of July!
So really, now that we seem to not have auditory difficulties (haha, I know my boy and his cycles- tomorrow the sound of the blender will send him over the edge), a parade seems to be the perfect source of entertainment for Brian.

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Tania said...

Looks like you guys had a fun 4th! My daughter was scared of the fireworks she liked them when we were walking away & she could look from a distance but up close it was too much for her. aah she's only 2 so I thought the noise might freak her out a bit. Bu hooray for Brian's progress!
P.S- Love your red earrings!