Saturday, July 9, 2011

All For You

I sat in the movie theater staring at my little boy with his eyes glued to every move of Tow Mater's.

I looked around and saw the families scattered around the movie theater- I saw familiar hand flaps, I saw Mom's arms around their child, I saw headphones, chewies, and fidget toys.

It was perfect.

I thought about how far I've come in my life.

I set up our first local sensory-friendly movie.  Who would've thought five years ago that I would be doing things like this?

Life is hard with autism.  I'm not going to sugar-coat it.  Yet on the positive side, I have grown so much as a person by having Brian and autism in my life.  I have become more compassionate, responsible, and mature.  He really has shaped me into a better person, as corny as it sounds.

It made me so proud and so happy to hear other parents tell me it was their child's FIRST movie experience. It warmed my heart to see kids sitting through an entire movie (including MINE!) because of the changes I asked the movie theater to make for our private screening.

 I looked around the room and thought, "This is for all of you.  Even though it's just a two-hour movie.  Just two hours of your life.  I hope I gave you an experience that you couldn't have had otherwise."

I looked back at my little boy and thought to myself, "This is all for you.  I would give you the world if I could."

A simple morning at the movie couldn't get much better than that.


Cwotton said...

You brought tears to my eyes Heather, I too looked around and thought how great our community having this, sometimes you feel so alone in everyday life with the every second things. The chewys, the noises, the unknown. Today was a reminder that there are other wonderful people out there who go through the same thing as me. Thank you:) 

Steph said...

Fab, well done you. You're right, it's only too easy to avoid these type of experiences that every other child gets to enjoy, but you've reminded me it can be done and hopefully 'll get something sorted here for us. Thanks

Tessa aka Mama Apples said...

Lady, you simply amazing.

Christina said...

That is so awesome - and kudos to the theater for doing it!!

tania said...

You are so inspiring! Sounds like such a great time. I'm glad everyone had a fun time and they were all able to enjoy something that may not have been otherwise possible if it weren't for YOU! Keep on rockin ;)

Jen Troester said...

This sounds way better than our one experience with sensory friendly films. The theater didn't really do much to tell people it was sensory friendly, so "regular" people came and complained the whole time about it not being loud enough, kids making noise, lights being on. We haven't gone back, although K typically does OK at regular movies b/c there is actually less stimulation (dark, quiet, etc). I think it's awesome you set it up. I wish I was that good!

Heather said...

That sounds terrible Jen!  It completely ruins the whole point of it!  The one I set up and the one I know the Autism Society of Maine does were private.  They are held in the morning (like 10) whereas all the other movies start at noon.