Friday, July 22, 2011

Autism: Not As Glamorous As You May Think

I sprained my foot the other day.  Don't even have a cool story to go with it.  Needless to say, I am on orders to take it easy.  The doctor even suggested crutches for a couple days.  Like that's gonna happen.

Unfortunately, being a single mom, if I need something at the store I have to go to the store.  Today I had to go to two stores.  I laid out the plan to Brian like I do every time we go out.  There were no surprises.

In Wal-Mart I picked up the cleaning supplies and toiletries I needed and even threw in some nice window markers for the boys.  We did a toy aisle sweep-through, like we do EVERY time we go.  Brian actually does really well with it and it's one area that we have seen great improvements in.  

Today, he spotted the Harry Potter Lego train set.  Yeah, much like the Toy Story Lego train set from the other day.  We looked at it, we talked about it, and then I said, "Okay, bye train."  The same line we use every time we leave the train aisle.  The same line that he always repeats and then walks off calmly.  Yeah, not today.

Cue tantrum.  Screaming and crying at full throttle.  I tried to ignore him and kept walking.  He turned around, ran back to the boxed train set and hit it with his hand and yelled some more. I picked him up and put him into the cart.  I quickly navigated towards the checkout, blocking out the ensuing screaming and staring glances from neighbors.

All while hobbling.

Once in the car he seemed to be okay but as soon as I pulled into the grocery store parking lot he just starts screaming again.  I need groceries.  I also need to not chase after a bolting boy which is exactly what this kid is going to do in this frame of mind.

So I leave.  I don't even attempt it.  I'm at the end of my rope.  And no not just from this one incident but because yesterday this was his behavior all day long too.  And he's not sleeping again.  And when we got home he decided to throw a DVD case against the wall when I told him he wasn't watching a movie.  And it's reaching 100 degrees on the coast of Maine (unheard of).  And I know he can't handle the heat.  And I can't bring them to the beach to cool off because I'm suppose to be resting my foot.  

Now imagine me doing all that while trying to figure out crutches.  I'm not that graceful.  It's why I have this sprained foot in the first place.


Marshall said...

Heather, have u thought about a wheelchair and having the boys push you around to keep their attention focused on driving? 

LIzbethcole29 said...

Oh Gawd, I feel for you.  I hope that foot heals quickly and you don't melt in the heat.  I'd be plopping them in front of the TV for some rest.  Sometimes it's just about getting through the day.  Doesn't matter how you finish it.  Hang in there!!!

Stacie said...

OUCH on the sprained foot. It has been so hot and humid here too. My son is having trouble sleeping too. In fact he is pulling the I am scared thing lately. Which I don't understand why. He will be sleeping and the darting up the stairs screaming and crying for me.

Accidental Expert said...

I've been nursing an injured leg for the last 6 months and know exactly what you mean.  While I'm supposed to elevating it with ice, we still need to eat, go places and oh, I have to keep them from killing themselves or others.  Not glamorous.  Not one little bit.

Hang in there.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Heather said...

Haha Marshall- I had to use a wheelchair for my disability project- the boys loved it actually.  Bri sat on my lap and Corbin pushed :)

Heather said...

Aww I'm sorry Stacie!  Everything just seems to go downhill when our kids (meaning us, too) aren't sleeping!  Hope your little one has been sleeping better lately!