Thursday, March 24, 2011


Browsing through the gift shops in Texas I asked Brian if we should buy Corbin a cowboy hat and he responded with "Yeehaw".

The first time Brian and I went down to Texas Corbin was very concerned about the outlaws in Texas and our safety.  He had it in his head that in Texas there was "no energy" (electricity) and there were rampant bulls everywhere that could hurt us.  I wasn't aware he had seen any old Westerns but I must've been wrong, as all his conclusions  about Texas seemed to mirror a classic John Wayne movie.

Since Corbin thought Texas was full of cowboys, what could be a better gift than cowboy hats?  Could they get any cuter?


Kathy Kresin said...

No they couldn't get any cuter. Love the hats.

Kelsi Wieler said...

Nope, don't think they could. I love his thinking!! Very cute and so genuinely sweet. You have beautiful boys!!