Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Corbinisms & Brian-Talk


I was practicing some reflex integration on Corbin (thank god he agrees to be my guinea pig) when he said, "Wow, I feel like a king."

Yesterday while we were waiting for Josh I asked Corbin why he already had his coat on- he looked at me and said "You said we wouldn't take LONG", while making air quotations when he said "long".  It was his first ever appropriate sarcastic air quotes.  It was a proud moment.


Brianisms didn't seem to roll of my tongue like Corbinisms and up until now I didn't have too many funny language stories with Brian, but they are starting to pop up here and there.

Lately he has gone around the house saying "I'm crabby!" but he says it in this deep, growling voice all with a smile on his face.  It was hilarious the first 72 times.  Now he is starting to do a lot of his talking in the growling voice- I need to get it on camera.  However, every time I take the camera out he freezes and says "Cheese".

Yesterday he came home from school and stripped within seconds, as he does everyday.  We have been working on having to wear pajamas at home and he independently ran to his room and grabbed his favorite Thomas the Train pajamas.  He put the pajamas on, ran to the full-length mirror on the bathroom door, threw his arms out to the side and exclaimed, "TA-DA!".

How fun is it going to be to have TWO kids saying the "darndest" things on a daily basis?


Karen V. said...

Love the air quotes! And Brian's stripping down and getting the jammies on definitely deserves a "ta-da"! Very cute... Double the fun = adorable!

Amy0724_lynn said...


I run and put my jammies on some days too, next time I do I will definitely declare " TA DA"


that is all

Lizbeth said...

Those are good! I love the fact he used air quotes!

Amber said...

Haha cute!

Christina said...

That is so wonderful that you have adorable stories for both! And doesn't it drive you crazy when you pull the camera out for something cool and they stop doing it!?!