Tuesday, March 29, 2011

B12 vs. Mom

Our B12 shots arrived at our door a few days ago.

I quickly put them in the fridge, trying to ignore that I had them.

I've heard lots of wonderful reports about kids on B12 (minus the ones that get extreme hyperactivity from them) but the idea of sticking my child with a needle was really freaking me out.

Our doctor had told me I could practice on myself- but I couldn't bring myself to do it.  I couldn't even stab myself but yet was going to have to stab Brian?

Our doctor also said I could try doing it while he was sleeping, as he had been successful doing it that way with his own son.  I thought that would be a good option, knowing how many people it takes to hold him down when we do blood draws.

The past couple of nights I would participate in some strong self-talk, get the needle, go to his room, see his peaceful, innocent, sweet self sleeping.....and back down.

Last night I laid in bed, almost falling asleep, when my inner monologue started again. "C'mon Heather, you have to do this.  Stop being a wimp.  You will never know if B12 could make a difference if you don't try!  Plus you had to pay for the stupid compounded shots out-of-pocket.  You know how much you hate to waste money." Okay so I think the money might have been a motivator.

I grabbed the shot, went to his room.  Pulled off the blankets ever so gently, pulled down the Thomas the Train pajamas, and slowly tried to jab him.  He jerked and rolled over.

I almost got up to leave.  However, I had came this far, I had to do it.  I knew I had to try to do it in one swift movement.  I stabbed and pushed the compound into his little bum.  He didn't wake up, but his hand did come to brush off that stabbing feel and knocked the needle out so half of the B12 ended up on the exterior of his skin, rather than under this skin.

So, it could've gone better.  But I did it!  And he didn't cry or fully wake up.  As long as I watch those hands next time, I think we can do this.


TheRealDaniG said...

You've just inspired my next post. Let me know how it goes next time!! I'm gonna try it while she sleeps, too....

Lizbeth said...

That is amazing he didn't wake up! You did great!!

bbsmum said...

I'm so ignorant! What are the effects of B12, and why does it have to be injected rather than taken orally?

Heather said...

B12 plays an important role in methylation- which is important for proper brain function (neurotransmitters firing and all that)- I'm not by any means an expert on all of this but here are two links that can explain it in more scientific terms:

It's often administered as a shot because of the GI systems being so in need of repairs that if it is given orally it may not give the same effect. Also the shots are meant to last three days, so I only have to do it every three nights.

The biggest effect I've heard from other parents is that their child seems to come "out of the fog", more with them, speech soemtimes improves with B12 as well as behaviors. There has been some really good stuff said for B12 shots.

I also know adults who have had it that was dealing with yeast problems and celiacs disease.

Heather said...

Oh and you are not ignorant!! :) I've immersed myself in biomedical stuff for years and I still don't really understand it all!

Christina said...

Oh Heather, I SO understand where you are coming from. It is so hard to be a mom! I remember one time when Aurora was around two...she had a stomach flu and one sip of water would make her puke. We were in the hospital and she was BEGGING me for a drink of water and it killed me to tell her no. I don't know why this made me think of that, but it did. You did great! I hope it goes better next time! Is there a reason it has to be in a shot form?

Karlatrx said...

Cool! Sounds like it went quite well for a first try!

Karen V. said...

Very brave mom!! I have heard a lot of really positive things about the B12 shots from our pediatrician. She did not outright offer them to us though. I will be excited to check back and see what you are learning and seeing from this. I don't know if I could do it very successfully either but good going and he hardly noticed!