Saturday, November 20, 2010


Every once in a while I like to let you into the mind of my oldest, silliest, smartest, intuitive little boy's mind by repeating the strange, hilarious, and weird things he says.


Corbin approached me a few mornings ago and said, "Mom? I know I was born in 2002 but what year was you born in?" I told him and he replied, "Mom? I just don't get it!"
"Get what?" I asked. "How can you be born that long ago, you don't seem like you're that old!" I told him I was old and he said, "Oh you are not old, you don't have wrinkles Mom, well except for that one."


Corbin got a new mattress. He's been needing one for a while, his old one was my old one and the last time I slept on it I swore I had bruises from it being so hard. When I dragged the old one out he was trying to hug it and saying, "I'm going to miss you my old-rock-bed".

Two nights ago I asked him how he's been enjoying his new mattress and he replied, "Well I miss my old one. We had a lot of remembories with that one."


He hasn't given up with the notion that he's going to marry me someday and every time I plant a kiss on him he loves to yell, "Haha! That was a marry kiss- now we're married!"

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Lynn said...

So sweet that he wants to marry you and tells you that you have no wrinkles. Now that's a good son!

Dani G said...

He's such a cutie pie!!
The rememories with the Rick bed was so sweet.

You sure do have some good men in your life!

Christina said...

Awh I love it when you tell us about the things he says! He's sucha sweet, smart boy!!