Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BioMed Update

Brian just finished his first-ever round of flagyl (hopefully not first of many? but from stories I hear- I'm sure we'll be on it again at some point). Flagyl is used to address the bacteria and the parasites that were apparent in his GI system. It was a good round, I think. I'm not sure I saw any markedly big gains, but we've been seeing steady gains ever since tweaking the diet and starting with vitamin supplements so it's hard to tell.

Today was the first day of Diflucan. This is started after the Flagyl, to address the yeast, which was apparent before Flagyl, but is probably even more pronounced after being on an antibiotic for ten days. I can say that the past two days he was a bit more flappy, manic, and stimmy. I saw an increase of the "Brian come back to Mommy" moments- and I don't mean physically come back, but just come back to this reality because he would start to shake his head back & forth, make no eye contact, and make his high-pitched silly sounds. All behaviors that had decreased a bit for a while, so I'm really wanting to blame it on an abundance of yeast.

I'm excited for this round of Diflucan and keeping my fingers crossed for a major die-off reaction! (Remember I said that, when I'm complaining on facebook about it!)


Lynn said...

It's always so weird to feel like you're hoping for an adverse reaction. Sounds like you were on a real roll before this so hopefully it will continue!

Dani G said...

You know how I feel about flagyl. We are on day 6. Slightly off and I think it riles all the bacteria up before it dumps it all out. We haven't done diflucan but a friend lives this combo.

Interestingly, I see little bird having less die-off with every course (this is our 5th). Also less dumping of bacteria with each course. I think that means we are really cleaning out her system!!

Karla said...

I hope all goes well!