Thursday, November 4, 2010

This Is Not A Movie. It's Real Life.

There are days in my life that I just couldn't make up.

Let's take Tuesday.

Driving home from school, cruising on the interstate, when all of a sudden I can feel my van losing power. My van and I have a love/hate relationship. I love it, it hates me. I slowly pull the beast over to the side of the highway where it dies on me.

I call the towing company and am told it would be forty-five minutes. Forty-five minutes on the side of the highway, with no heat, and the sun is almost down. Lovely. Thank goodness, I had a cell phone to kill my boredom, and update my Facebook status with an appropriate "FML".

About twenty minutes later a police officer pulls up behind me with his lights all flashing. He comes around the back of the van with one hand holding his flashlight and the other secure on his gun in his belt. He is creeping around the van, peering in with his flashlight (probably thinking- wow, why does this van still have life jackets and sand pails tucked away in the back), gets to the passenger side where I start waving with a big smile on my face. I roll down my window and explain my situation and he very kindly offers to wait with me.

Within minutes the towing truck appears. I have never been so happy to see so many flashing lights surround my vehicle. I wanted to jump out and hug and kiss the tow truck driver, but thought that might be a bit inappropriate.

I ride along back to the garage where I have to wait for Josh and the boys to come get me (still about 45 minutes from home at this point). We're met at the garage by two very friendly men and a very dark garage. Well it is past closing time. But I think I may have seen one too many horror movies because at this point I'm just thankful that both the police department and Josh know where I am.

I'm ushered inside after I get the news that my timing belt has busted. I am standing in the waiting area (where there are no seats) and one of the men tells me to go sit behind the counter. I do, though I'm still a bit nervous. He follows me in and sits in a chair at a computer and pulls up some you tube videos to share with me some raves that he has gone to. Turns out he's a big raver. After the music's pounding subsided he then goes on to his facebook to share his pictures with me. It's there that he enjoys pointing out the subtleties like, "Haha, look at our eyes. They're all the size of half dollars if you know what I mean."

At that point, I decided to excuse myself from the office and I frantically called one of my sisters and spent the rest of the time on the phone with her- felt a bit safer that way.

Finally my knights in shining armor arrived and I was never more happier to see them.


Dani G said...

You poor thing!! Raver pics? Oy!!

Lynn said...

Ew. Icky. Weird. Glad that I know you are OK because you lived to write this post.