Saturday, October 11, 2008

What will he say next?

Brian isn't the only one in our family that has struggled language-wise. Corbin, as well, has a speech delay- obviously not even close to the extent of Brian, but he does. He was first evaluated when he was eighteen months old and started receiving services soon after. He went into speech therapy with just a handful of words and I remember about six months into it he had fifty words- which was just so exciting :) He still struggles- most of it all with syntax. He's all over the place on his evaluations- his most recent one scoring him on some areas in a 2 yr 3 month old level (he was 5 yrs 10 mos at the time) and in another areas as high as 7 yrs 11 months. So like I do with Brian, I also treasure little things that come out of Corbin's are a few of the recent ones:

*Just out of nowhere- "We'll see what happens next week on Cartoon Network"

*C: "Why is that little kid in the front?" (observing an illegaly sitting child at a gas station.)
Me: "I don't know why."
C: "Think Mom Think" (he always says this if I reply with "I don't know" as if I'm not allowed to not know something"
Me: "Well I guess his Mom most of let him do that."
C: "Why his Mom let him do that?"
Me: "Who knows"
C: "Who knows....we'll find out after the break" (see a trend of too much TV here lol)

*C: "Can I go to you school tomorrow?" (he had a teacher workshop day but my preschool was still open)
Me: "I don't think so Corbin, you are getting too big to go to my school- we have really young kids now"
C: "When you have big kids again?"
Me: "I don't think we will honey, you are in kindergarten now and I don't teach kindergarten so I'll always have preschool kids."
C: "Well you tell them tomorrow that your son is in kindergarten and don't worry someday they'll be big like me and in kindergarten too- how about that?" (I just love that he was able to formulate the "your son" part- this kid is a barrel of laughs every day)

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