Sunday, November 7, 2010

A How To Post

How to have the most awesome birthday party on the planet, that is!

You will need:

Cute nerdy glasses to be worn by even cuter little boys.

A birthday cake with steam billowing out of it.

Lab coats.

Spiky, crazy "Einstein hair".


Blowing up a balloon with the gas created by vinegar and baking soda.

Making "Gak" with borax, glue, and water.

Playing with Insta-Snow.

Sucking an egg into a bottle with a narrow-opening by changing the air pressure inside the bottle.

And the old favorite- Mentos & Diet Coke.

Plus: A brain jello mold, goodie bags (radioactive light tubes (glow sticks), pop rocks, magnifying glasses, and test tube experiments), lots of family and friends, lots of noise, lots of craziness, and lots of fun.

Mix it all together and have a great time!


dotcomkari said...

hi sweetheart, I sent emails to both your email addresses please get back to me ASAP! :) or if you don't get them email me :)

Lynn said...

That is the coolest idea for a party EVER. Audrey would have even enjoyed that one...screw that princess crap!!

I love the kid who put his face in the spewing coke...ha!