Thursday, April 9, 2009

Weighted Products Reasonably Priced

On my quest for not only looking for reasonably priced equipment but also, perhaps, a local vendor, I found this site- New England Embroidery. The products are made by an OTA here in Maine. She makes a lot of products- weighted blankets, weighted vests, compression suits, body socks, weighted animals, and resistance tunnels. Her items seem fairly priced as well. I can't testify on the quality of the products as I haven't actually ordered anything yet but I wanted to pass it along!

On top of her selling reasonably priced products the proceeds from her website go towards the Etna Pond Accessible Recreation Site (EPARS) that she has built on her private property on Etna Pond. She has created this recreation area for persons with any type of disability. Everything is wheelchair accessible- you can have a picnic, sit on a swing and enjoy the view, go fishing, or travel through a few different trails.

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