Saturday, April 25, 2009

Walk for Autism

It's next weekend! Wow! How did it get here so fast?

Have you printed out your sponsor sheet on yet? If not make sure you do- only a week left to get sponsors! Do know you can walk no matter what? Just having your presence there will be mean so much to us!

We're trying to find out who has room for who and who is bringing a vehicle. So please write back and let me know if you are driving, if you have any extra room, or if you are looking for a ride!

Also I did not go with professional shirts this year so I'll be making them this week- I'm asking everyone just to chip in a dollar, or two or five- whatever you can afford- they aren't incredibly costly so don't worry too much about it!

Lunch afterwards this year will be at Uno's, as they have GF pizza!! Trying to get somewhat of a number so I can hopefully reserve some tables beforehand- as we all know, Brian doesn't like to wait for a table :) (Not that Corbin does that well with that either lol)

I'm getting really excited about this! I hope you all are too!!

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