Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Glue Incident

Climbing out from under my rock with a slightly humorous story that might give everyone a little giggle as they form the mental imagery.

This past weekend it was just Brian and I at home, all weekend, all by ourselves. That has never happened before. It was amazing having all that time to devote just to him. We worked on some toiletry issues and made some big gains, I feel, in that area.

Saturday night he went to bed at his normal time and I rented a "chick flick" taking full advantage of Josh not being home. After the movie ended I dragged my tired self off the couch and headed up the stairs, I heard Brian talking, but usually when he wakes up at night he just stays in bed and talks to himself.

Brian walked out of his bedroom, completely naked, with a big smile on his face as soon as I stepped off that last step. I sighed, "Brian did you pee your bed?" He's been doing SO well since we got his new big boy bed- not even wearing pull-ups at night anymore! I walked past him and did my typical rub of the head to tell him I still love him when I felt that all of his hair on his head was hard as a rock. I went into his room and felt the bed in the darkness only to be met with some kind of goo all over my hand. I ran over to his lamp, turned it on and simultaneously cried, "Brian, what did you get into??"

I turned around to find that he had somehow managed to get a bottle of glue off of his therapy shelves and had it EVERYWHERE. All over his Dynavox, his table, his chairs, on every single layer of bedding, his pajamas, his body- EVERYWHERE. I wasn't even aware a bottle of glue held that much in it! I was just in shock, while Brian hid around the corner of his doorway with his hands covering his ears.

I stripped his bed, took the Dynavox out of his room and told him to get in bed- he started running towards my bedroom and I said, "Oh no buddy!! In your bed now!" He started crying, ran on to his bed, and pulled the clean blankets over his head. I started to march out of his room but his sad cries pulled me back in. They weren't the angry cries that we use to get for everything- these were different. Crying, not because he's mad I spoiled the fun, but crying because he's upset I was mad at him. I sat on his bed and rubbed his back. He sat up with tears still running down his face and he pulled me down to lie next to him. A few seconds later as I was wiping away his tears, I asked, "Do you want to sleep with Mama?"

So that's how the story goes. The story of Brian pulling off probably one of his biggest, or at least messiest, escapades and still getting what he wanted all along- to sleep with his Mommy. Oh and Mommy did regret it in the morning after spending a full night with a snoring, rolling around, cuddly boy.


Christina said...

Awww what a sweet story! OMG I can't imagine the mess but it sounds like in the end he made up for it.

BTW glad to see you are still alive and everything is okay!

Michelle said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!! That's too funny!!!!! Isaiah is the hardest person to sleep w/ too, he rolls over w/ his arms out and SMACKS ya HARD lol

Contact said...

Did you save the Dynavox?

Unknown said...

yes we did save the dynavox!! thank goodness- it's not even ours, we're in the process of obtaining our own- I would have had a heart attack right then & there if he did something to it..

FieldingHurst said...

Did you save the Dynavox?

minivan driving soccermom said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!! That's too funny!!!!! Isaiah is the hardest person to sleep w/ too, he rolls over w/ his arms out and SMACKS ya HARD lol