Sunday, April 5, 2009

Brian's Birthday Wish List

Very often I have a very hard time telling people what to buy Brian for birthdays. He has very limited interests. If he could talk he would ask for:

* a fishing pole (I think G& G St. Clair have called this one!)
* anything Thomas
* anything to do with Cars (the movie)
* anything to do with numbers
* movies
* helicopters & propeller planes

So he'd be completely happy with any of those things but I decided this year to also put together a list of a bunch of items I want for Brian. Mostly learning toys. Some sensory items that we need to return to CDS when he graduates from Early Intervention this fall (weighted blanket, deep pressure vest, etc.) So here it goes:

From Super Duper Publications

* "Can Do" Oral-Motor cards - these cards help him practice different movements of his lips, tongue, and teeth with fun activities- 14.95
* Pressure Brushes- Brian really loves the tactile pressure given by these brushes- set of 3 for 14.95
* Z-Vibe Oral Motor Tool- a mouth massager used to wake up his mouth- 35.00
* Speechercise Music CD- a fun CD with activites to practice mouth movements- 14.95
* Sensory Diet Cards- cards with different activities to address his sensory needs- 19.95

From Different Roads to Learning:

* Soundtracks- Bingo type games to work on auditory processing- he'd love either version- 14.95
* Emotions Language Cards- cards to help him learn about emotions- 9.95
* Small, Medium, Large- puzzles to help him sort and learn about the differences in sizes- 14.95
* People In My Neighborhood- cards to learn about people he meets in the community- 9.95
* Learning to Sequence- exactly as it says :)- 12.95
* Social Sequences at School- 24.95
* Photo Opposites- 15.95
* Jumbo Triangular Colored Pencils- large pencils like these make it easier to use the tripod grasp- 6.95
* What Do I Say? (Appropriate Social Responses)- an interactive book to help him in social situations- 21.95
* What Do I Do? (Appropriate School Behaviors)- an interactive book to help him with situations at school- 21.95

Stuff we need to replace with our own as we have to return ours to CDS:

*A Southpaw Deep Pressure Vest- Bear Hug- Size Small: Brian LOVES his deep pressure vest- it helps him gather himself when we are in new or "scary" situations- he often asks for this on his own
* A weighted blanket- Brian sleeps with his everynight! Preferably one with a soft texture to it as he is sensitive to different textures.

And last category- fun stuff I've been wanting to get for him but just haven't yet:

* An indoor swing for his proprioceptive needs
* A Body Sox- a very fun toy that he enjoys playing with at therapy- it gives him the deep pressure that he just loves! Doesn't need to be the "Body Sox" brand- other body socks made are much cheaper!
* A preschool portable CD player- I know Little Tykes or Fisher Price makes these- he's gone through a few regular ones with his auditory therapy and I think one of these ones made for preschoolers may be a bit more tough
* A resistance tunnel- a tunnel made out of lycra type material that helps with motor planning and body awareness as well as giving him some of that input to the joints when he's pushing against the lycra

So that's it- I didn't mean for it to be so long & overwhelming! Obviously Brian would be completely happy with anything I've mentioned- especially the short list at the top- so anything you decide to get he'll love!


Christina said...

I can't believe our babies are going to be 5!! Ah!

Christina said...

I can't believe our babies are going to be 5!! Ah!