Thursday, February 24, 2011

Points to Ponder: Haircut Edition

  • I often blame Brian's shaggy hair on the fact that he hates haircuts (which is true) but honestly I love him with longish hair.  Look at him hanging out, with his beautiful red hair peeking out from underneath his fedora.  Doesn't he have a cool indie rock kind of style (with Cars pajama bottoms and all)??
  • The iPad should win some sort of freaking award.  It definitely won me over today.  Brian used the iPad (playing Angry Birds) during his appointment at the salon and it was our first ever appointment that resulted in a FINISHED haircut.  Generally we have to go back several days in a row to get it done.
  • I love our salon, especially Becky, the one lady who always sees Brian.  She never charges us for more than one appointment even if it takes four separate visits, she allows me to take pictures to use for social stories, and she is super patient and kind with Brian.
  • Corbin announced to me today that he wants to grow his hair out so he can use bobby pins and barrettes to make a horn so he can "look like a rhino and make people laugh".  Ummm....okay?
  • When Josh saw Brian's new haircut he said "Well hello Justin Beiber".  So the haircut brought him from The Black Keys to Justin Beiber?  Bummer.  And wait, am I dating a closet Justin Beiber fan?  Weird. 


tulpen said...

I love the shaggy boy look!

And this Angry Birds... I've heard so much, I'm gonna have to give in and try it.

Karla said...

Glad the haircut went well! I also like it when my son's hair gets a bit long between cuts (he doesn't like to go either). My MIL hates it though! :D

Lynn said...

That fedora is awfully cool. I don't see the Justin Bieber resemblance though....

Christina said...

I LOVE LOVE that last photo! Brian is just too cool!