Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You the (Snow)Man!

It's amazing to think Brian use to hate winter. Of course he couldn't tell me why but I know he loves to be hot (from observations of him alway turning the water temperature  up in the tub and how he lies next to the heaters like a cat).  I could also tell he didn't like how the terrain was so uneven and unpredictable under his feet.

This year I can't keep him inside. He loves to sled, roll down hills, throw snowballs (always at me), shovel snow, kick the snow from behind the tires on vehicles (every vehicle in the parking lot), and collect icicles.  Now the problem is I have to stay out in the snow....I kind of liked it when I only had to stay out there five minutes at a time.

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tulpen said...

Mine hates the cold. He likes the snow, but the cold hurts his hands to tears. Stupid bad circulation.