Friday, February 25, 2011

Guest Blogger: Having a Sibling on the Spectrum

Feeling completely void of creativity and energy today I decided to hire a guest blogger.  He's new to the blogging world but can talk up a storm.  He's big-hearted, funny, and always center of attention.  Without further ado, let me welcome my eight-year-old son, Corbin, to the blogosphere.

"Hi, I am Corbin and I take care of my brother named Brian.  I will tell you all the things I love to do with him.

I love to play with him.  I love to do things with him.  And I will tell you one thing that Brian really really really loves.  That is TRAINS!  He wants to get every kind of train that he wants.  I love him so much because I want to have someone to play with.  So I always play with him everyday and maybe one day I will teach him how to play my DSi or teach mom, but mom doesn't want to be teached.

Brian chews his toenails when he saw me.  Brian loves me, I teached him how to hug me and kiss me.  Mom and Josh really really really really love him.  Brian has an iPad that he loves.  Mom uploaded a new thing on it and I kind of like to watch him but Mom and Josh don't want me to (Editor's note: In my defense, he's perfectly fine to watch, I just don't want him ripping it out of his brothers hands every time I turn my back).

I love him so much and I will take care of him forever.  Brian kind of likes to sleep with me but on school nights he has to sleep in his own bed."

And that my readers, is what I get when I ask Corbin to tell me what it's like to have a brother with autism.  At first I thought he really didn't get my prompt but on second thought, I just think Brian's differences don't matter or are not a big deal to his big brother.  I need to take lessons on this from Corbin. 


Dani G said...

Amazing. Love this.

Christina said...

That is so awesome! You should do more of these!