Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love All Around

Remember Ava?  Found another one of her wonderful "love notes" to Brian in the backpack today.   I'm in love with this girl.

This past weekend Josh and I were out to dinner when one of the waitresses spotted me and excitedly rushed over to our table.  I recognized her as the mother to one of the girls in Brian's class (not Ava).  Before she even fully approached the table she was yelling out "Omigod!  Does your son talk about my daughter as much as she talks about him??".  There was an awkward silence as I stared at her thinking 1)Has she met my son?  Does she realize he is really incapable of telling me about ANYTHING that happens at school. 2) One of his peers have been talking about him?? Awesome!  Oh wait, maybe it's not good.  I finally mustered my thoughts together and said, "Well Brian isn't really at the point in his speech that he can tell us about school."

Not sure if she heard me as she continued, "My daughter just loves Brian.  She tells me she sits across from him and they just stare at each other all day long.  She just loves him.  I can't believe he doesn't talk about her, she just talks about him all the time.  I think she has a little crush.  I thought for sure he would've talked about her."  This went on for a good five minutes while I kept trying to interject that she shouldn't take it personally as he really doesn't talk about anyone.

She left our table, I think not hearing a single word I said, yet it left me with a smile.  His classmates like him and they accept him.  Girls even have crushes on him.  Who would've thought?


Lynn said...

Brian is a dawg yo. He's obviously just playing it cool :)

Karla said...

That's so sweet! I remember when my son was in preschool. It was a looong time before he made his first friend. Apparently the other kids didn't like little boys who strip their clothes off and hid screaming under tables??? No accounting for taste I guess. When he finally made a friend I was ecstatic. : D